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Adult Course

Pricing Varies

To participate on these courses one must have a reach of 5'11" with their feet flat on the ground and arms straight in the air.

We have five total adult high ropes courses, White, Green, Blue, Silver and Red with 95 different obstacles between the five courses and seven zip lines.

This price is for 3 of our 5 courses, we work on progressive system so you have to do our beginner courses (White or Green) to do the intermediate courses(Blue or Silver) and do the intermediate courses to do the advanced course. It is at our guide's discretion whether you advance to the more difficult courses.
Big Zip Only


Good for 2 rides down our longest and fastest zip line. Valid for one person only, not transferable between 2 people. Minimum reach requirement is 5'7".
Children's Course


Our Children's Course is the only children's course in the GTA where children get to zip line and do similar activities to the adult's high ropes courses. It is designed for children ages 6 to 10 years old. Children must have a height around 48" to participate in this course. Adults must accompany children on the ground, but they cannot participate on the course.
Junior Children's Course


Our Junior Children's Course is the only course in Ontario that combines zip lining and high ropes style obstacles for children as young as 3. There is no reach requirement for the junior children's course. Participants get one hour on the course to do it as many times as they wish.




Fingerless Gloves are comfort thing, not for safety, you are working with a steel cable for 2.5-3 hours so your hands can get a little roughed up.